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Why Choose Sniper

  • Safeguard your Office/Factory/Farmhouse/Showrooms with 24/7 private security from Sniper Securitas.
  • Sniper Securitas will routinely guard gated communities, keeping residents and their valuables safe at night.
  • We also offer a visiting patrol service, where a security guard will return to your premises routinely throughout the night, checking storefronts and windows to make sure that no burglaries will occur .
  • Sniper Securitas believes in treating its employees with utmost care and concern. To the customer this translates into committed, ethical, efficient & cost effective security services.

Contact Sniper

A-115,Top Floor, Vakil Chamber,
Shakapur, Vikas Marg
Delhi-110 092.

Ph: 011-32219061, 9958277800


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